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Mar 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
point, it can't be at the expense of the economy and jobs. >> here's where both sides may agree. >> is he right that we did not have an immediate crisis. >> we did not have an immediate crisis. >> to borrow from the phrase from the fiscal commission, we're the healthiest looking horse in the blue factory. we see it coming we know it's irrefutably happening. a lot of folks worrying about that blue factory, congressman. the president said that crisis was a concern when he spoke to joe and mika early on. you said had said that was a concern. the president has changed his tone on that. why has he done that? >> well, the debt remains a concern-we've made a significant down payment with the budget control act, with the fiscal cliff deal and now with the sequester which i hope will have a short life. so we've made a significant dent already. but i think the president is facing the priority of growing the economy and jobs, and that's where it should be. half of this year's deficit is attributable to people who are unemployed. if we can get people back to work, paying down the deficit. i
Mar 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
guys have to come up with $7 billion. and the way the cyprus economy is structured, it's almost all banks. huge banks relative to the size of the economy. and so the solution they came up with was taxing deposits in banks. that has turned out to be incredibly controversial. last night the parliament here voted it down even though there had been intense negotiations for weeks about it. now today, it's about plan "b" and it's not clear whether there will be a plan "b." the banks are closed, only get money out of atms, the financial system here on the verge of collapse. and if things don't get resolved quickly, this could be the first country that leaves the euro, chris. >> obviously, investors around the world are watching this really closely. what about here in the u.s.? what kind of repercussions might we feel here? >> well, the biggest repercussion that we saw is when they decided they were going to tax the deposits in banks, just like we have in the united states where we know that if one of our banks fails, we are protected up to a certain amount, 250,000, they have that law in e
Mar 14, 2013 7:00am PDT
corporate earnings and concrete signs that the economy is slowly improving. like last week's monthly jobs report and yesterday's retail sales report showing that consumers are still spending despite the 2% payroll tax hike. keep in mind that valuations are telling investors that equities are not overpriced. based on the s&p 500, it's 16. that's below the average that we've seen since 1988 of 18.8. there's still stocks out there that are cheap. a word of caution, when the market runs up, analysts predict a correction soon after. beware of these stretches. >> meantime, there's a new survey out. i thought it was interesting. there's a big shift in the attitude of working moms. >> that's very true. according to a pew research study. a big spike in the number of working moms that said they prefer to work full-time. 37% said that. that was up from 21% in 2007. it comes at an interesting time. because despite the run-up in the stock market, it's tough out there for most people. that could be influencing the results of had study more than ambition alone. >> cnbc's jackie deangelis, always good to
Mar 15, 2013 7:00am PDT
aside from paul ryan's budget plans is the economy. that is so crucial, because i actually believe that that lack of a coherent economic policy is one of the key reason s fs for republican defeat in the presidential elections, and you hear a lot about how they didn't follow the demographic shifts in america, and i believe it is more fundamental to not trickle down the supply-side theories which are clearly broken and not providing answers to the stru structural shifts that are happening and everything else will flow from that, because you can't talk about foreign policy, about how rich is america is going to be and how involved can we be? i hope we hear more about this. >> and we are certainly hearing that out of washington, d.c., right? >> yes, certainly. >> and that is the arc of the moment. when we talk about, this david, the struggle of the old guard and the old message and the new guard and the new message in the republican party, and this is what has been said so far. take a listen. >> the gop of old has grown stale and moss-covered. now i don't think that we need to name any
Mar 19, 2013 7:00am PDT
for the city of new york, he has done a lot on education and the economy. this is a public health issue. you're talking about 7,000 new yorkers who die a year because of tobacco products, 450,000 americans. so, look. i think this is certainly a good step but the mayor is going to have a huge fight on his hands because the tobacco industry has made it clear this is something they'll focus on and they don't back down from fights. >> it is not the only thing he is doing after. the other thing michael bloomberg wants to do is create a minimum price of 10.50 for the pack of little cigarettes and little cigars. he wants to prohibit the redeeming of any coupons for tobacco, require retailers to sell cheap cigars in packs of at least four. i think one of the larger issues out of this obviously is about the role of government in our every day lives when you talk about these kinds of things -- the banning of soda. >> yeah. >> you have to place the calorie counts in restaurants. what do you think about that? that larger issue? >> i mean, certainly in terms of being concerned about health issues and try
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5